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Bankruptcy Counseling

Are you thinking about bankruptcy? We like to remind consumers that bankruptcy is a last resort, so if you haven’t thought about other options, be sure to check out our primary credit counseling service first (it’s free and can help you make a plan for your finances).

If you’re sure that you need to file for bankruptcy (maybe you’ve even been referred to us by your attorney) then you will want to select from the options below. We offer “pre-filing” and “pre-discharge,” both of which are required by the Justice Department in order to complete the bankruptcy process.

Pre-filing Counseling $50*

Earn your pre-filing certificate in this online course as you participate in a live chat with one of our counselors.

*Per household. In a select few states, the fee is $20. Please contact us at 800.750.2227 to learn the fees in your state.

Pre-discharge Counseling $50*

Earn your pre-discharge education certificate in this two-hour course that involves quizzes and other self-study.

*Per household.