Which Option is Right for You?

Life can get messy, but we are here to help. Whether it’s credit cards, a house payment or student loans, we have a service for you.

Budget & Credit Counseling icon

Budget & Credit Counseling

If money is tight and you want some help, this is the service for you. Maybe it’s medical bills, a job loss or high-interest credit card debt that’s holding you back. Whatever the case, our free budget and credit counseling service can help you make a plan. Learn More

Student Loan Counseling icon

Student Loan Counseling

It’s a shame you don’t get financial aid after college, isn’t it? Don’t worry — while they aren’t as good as grants or scholarships, there are at least some government programs designed to help you manage your loan payments more comfortably. And, our counselors can make other budget recommendations to help you free up money each month. Learn More

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Housing Counseling

A home is your biggest investment and your most prized possession. Let us help you with any of your housing concerns, from buying to renting, saving your home from foreclosure and navigating the complexities of reverse mortgage. Learn More

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Bankruptcy Counseling

The decision to file for bankruptcy is a serious one, but our counseling can take out at least some of the stress. Work with us to earn your legally required bankruptcy certificates. Learn More